As the end of 2020 approaches, I wanted to share my heartfelt message to show my appreciation for so many others. I take such pride in my TCT Team as they navigated through the seemingly every changing obstacles of this year. We were named as an essential business immediately so there was no downtime for our Team. I am always amazed at how they balanced working remotely from home, some even out of their closets, to monitor kids doing online learning while handling emergency calls that are a given when managing investment properties. They fielded calls from worried investors wondering if their tenants were going to pay rent so they could pay their mortgage payment. They proactively sent our residents information on programs to help with their rent, for those who needed it, all the while having to keep up with the daily changes in the government actions to help with those affected by covid-19. I am truly blessed to have them be a part of our TCT family.

I also want to let our investors know that there is still no better time to own a rental investment property in Arizona. The internal rate of return along with the tax benefits of owning investment property makes for a wise decision to hold onto existing investments and look to grow your portfolio next year.

I appreciate our Residents and how they have responded to their own challenges within their families this year and how they kept in communication with our company. I am so thankful that almost all of our Residents have made it through some of the toughest financial hardships they have known.

I am so grateful for so many blessings this year! My family and friends have been my guiding light this year. I have a big vision for growth and success for all in the coming year!

- Jennice Doty