Thankful for Pies (but mostly you!)


Who doesn’t love pie?! For years Jennice Doty has asked if we can do some sort of event to give away pies, wasn’t sure why or how, but wanted to do it.

So where does this love for pie come from?

Jennice says some of her best memories growing up were making pies with her Mom. “What an accomplishment it was for me to make a complete pie from crust to finish. It was as good as Mom’s pie! My sister and I laughed until we cried when she tried to make Mom’s famous pie crust for the tenth time, even with me guiding her through it every step of the way, and it tasted like salty cardboard! (She beats me in all other areas of cooking) The day my son told me for his 21st Birthday he would rather me make my “Aunt Thelma’s Chocolate Pie” instead of a cake. It warmed my heart.” Now Jennice enjoys baking with her daughter and granddaughter. She said “My daughter makes our homemade pie crust better than I do now. (It looks pretty and tastes good too) Thank goodness she will carry on the family tradition! Rolling out dough with my granddaughter provides special moments the two of us. She is only 5 years old; however, I think she has the “gift”!”

Pie not only is meaningful in her personal life but her professional life as well. She is always telling the story about when she was closing a real estate transaction at a Title Company that proved to be quite stressful. When the finished closing they brought out a fresh baked cherry pie. That simple gesture has stayed with Jennice and she’s always wanted to pass it along. Pie has always been a symbol of a labor of love for Jennice and thought it would be so special for our customers and clients to receive one from us.

It was great seeing how happy everyone was when they came to pick up their pies, and even to surprise a few unexpecting people throughout the day.