Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities


Here are some common things that are a tenant’s responsibility when it comes to maintenance. A good rule of thumb is if anything was caused by misuse or neglect, it is the tenant’s responsibility to take care of.

  1. Carpet Stains or floor damage beyond normal wear and tear

i.e. Spills, pet accidents, bleach, nail polish, etc.

  1. Plumbing Clogs

Plunging/clearing clogged toilets, drains and garbage disposal

Common causes: hair, trash in disposal, floss, QTips, wet wipes (are not flushable)

  1. Replacing light bulbs

To include regular and fluorescent, light fixtures, ceiling fans, refrigerator, pool, etc.

  1. Change out AC Filters every 30 days

  1. Replacing batteries

Including but not limited to garage remotes, smoke detectors and thermostats

  1. Simple fixes

Such as resetting a breaker or GFI or reset buttons

  1. Damage to walls/ceilings

i.e. drawings, scuffs, odor, etc.