Restricted Breeds - A Thing of the Past


About two years ago Arizona became the 20th state to completely do away with breed-specific legislation - laws that ban or otherwise regulate dogs by breed.

However, HOA’s and insurance requirements can vary.

Some other helpful information:

  • The law in Arizona (and most other states) says that when a dog bites,

The dog is always GUILTY, even if he was provoked by someone or something

  • Renters insurance carried by the tenant, usually covers dog bite lawsuits

  • The Landlord’s insurance policy usually protects the landlord when a tenant’s dog bites. In most cases, the landlord is not the responsible party, and the insurance pays for lawyers to get Landlord removed from any lawsuits.

  • In one year, State Farm pays over $60 million (total) for dog bite claims

  • Pet damage to a house, whether chewing, scratching, or urine or feces, is not covered by insurance. This is not always normal pets. I once saw a home where a Parrot had destroyed the doors, walls, and molding by chewing on these.

  • If a dog bites and there is an insurance claim, the insurance company will usually require that the tenant or homeowner get rid of that particular dog. For homeowners….not tenants… the insurance company will sometimes allow the owner to keep the dog, but the owner must sign a bite exclusion that says that their dog is no longer covered by their insurance.