R-22 Phase Out


Effective January 1, 2020, Freon will be illegal to import or manufacture in the US.

In 2010, the EPA banned the production of any new systems that used R-22 units due to harmful effects on the ozone layer, and a complete ban on manufacturing and importing starting January 1, 2020.

So what does this mean for you? First, you need to know if your current system is using R-22 Freon. If it does, any repairs related to Freon after January 1st will not be permitted and a replacement would be required. If you’ve purchased a new HVAC system since 2010, you should be fine. However, an older unit you can check on the sticker on the side. If it says “R-22 or HCFC-22” that would be the older coolant that is being phased out.

While this doesn’t mean you have to go out and replace your unit now, keep in mind if there are any repairs that need coolant, coolant will not be available and a replacement will be required at that time.

If you have an R-22 system and are still concerned, reach out to your local Trane Comfort Specialist. They’ll evaluate your current system, check for any leaks and walk you through some of the cost benefits of replacing your older system with a more energy-efficient system.

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