Protecting your investment property against damage


Here are five easy steps you can take to help protect your investment property against potential damage.

  1. Use glossy or semi-gloss paint

This makes it easier to clean walls and remove things like smudges and scuff marks

  1. Install Door stoppers behind every door

Prevents damage if doors are slammed and bang into a wall

  1. Forget about Carpet, go with tile, faux wood or bamboo flooring

These flooring options are much more durable and last much longer than carpet.

  1. Simple landscaping

Renters may appreciate a few plants here and there, but less is more and it’s best to keep it as low maintenance as possible

  1. Require tenants to replace AC filters

Be sure to include a clause in your lease that specifies AC filter changes are a tenant’s responsibility. Not keeping up with these can lead to greater strain on the unit and a shorter lifespan.