#1: A Property Manager Won’t Take Care Of My Home As I Would

A professional property management company cares about your home. They want to protect your investment and help add value if possible. Property managers can bring fresh perspective and knowledge of the area and market and may increase the monthly income.

#2: Renters Will Destroy My Home

It’s hard not to think about all the horror stories of tenants completely destroying rental properties, but in reality that truly doesn’t happen that often. Although it’s impossible to prevent all tenant issues, using a property manager can help find more qualified and responsible tenants.

#3: Property Managers Are Too Expensive

A good property manager may be able to actually increase your net income. Since they are familiar with the rental market they can suggest a more competitive rate to max out the best results. They also have the ability to advertise to a large network to help get tenants in place quicker. Also, be sure to learn what expenses as a landlord are tax deductible.

#4: They Won’t Screen The Tenants As Thoroughly

Hiring a professional property manager means they have to adhere to certain laws and rules when it comes to screening potential tenants. They are also aware of Federal Fair Housing guidelines which will ultimately protect you as an owner.