While things are seeming to go back to normal, somewhat, the COVID pandemic has certainly changed a lot. While companies offered working from home, a lot have realized there’s no reason to go back to the “standard” office setting, at least not full time. Also with schooling, a lot of families have adapted and appreciated the flexibility of online learning and have opted to continue. With these changes in work/school/home life balance, peoples home needs have changed as well.

  • Outdoor space is now more necessary – whether it be a common area in the neighborhood, backyard or even a patio, outdoor space is something renters are looking, for now, more than ever.

  • More space to divide for specific purposes – with schooling, working, and living in the same place, it is important to be able to separate the spaces. When you are done working and school, you do not want to necessarily see the remnants of that at the kitchen table or in the living room. People are finding it more important to have dedicated space for these activities.

  • Pay more for rent – There is a reason the market is so crazy right now and why people are willing to spend so much on rents. As they are saving on travel (gas, time, car maintenance) people are more willing to put that money into a home that really works for their family.

  • Comfortability – as people are home more frequently, comfort is extremely important. Whether it be in the neighborhood, or just in the space within the home.