Get Your Application Processed Quickly


Waiting on an application to be approved can be nerve-wracking. Here are some tips on how to get your application processed ASAP.

Read through Application Qualifications prior to submitting an application

- knowing what the rental requirements are beforehand, can eliminate possible properties you may not qualify for

Pay Application fee(s)

- this completes your application and ensures your spot in line on a property. without application fees, we cannot process

Provide All Request Documents

- copy of your ID, social security card, recent pay stubs or hire letter will all be needed to process your application

Provide all contact information for current/previous landlord(s)

- Reaching out to your current/previous landlord to let them know we will be in touch is extremely helpful. Getting rental history is typically the step that takes the longest. We've found if applicants reach out to them, they are likely to reply faster.

Be ready to sign the lease and pay the deposit within 24 hours of approval

- Rentals are going extremely fast, so be prepared to sign a lease and pay a deposit within 24 hours of being approved for a property