Benefits of paying rent via Credit Card


1. Flexibility for people short on cash for a certain month

Life happens and sometimes costs come up throughout the month that cannot be pushed off. If you find yourself short on rent, using a credit card to hold you over until your next paycheck can be a great option.

2. Cheaper than Late Fees

If you plan it out right, using the right card, or paying the balance quickly, using a credit card can end up being cheaper than late fees. PLUS, it doesn’t affect your rental history and payment history

3. Can help build credit score

Utilizing your credit card correctly can easily help boost your credit score.

4. Potential to earn rewards with credit card company

Take Advantage of credit cards with rewards points. Using credit cards to pay rent or other monthly bills can ultimately earn you free money/points for other things.

This may not be an answer for everyone, but it certainly has it’s benefits and can help in a pinch.