Arizona in the top 10 states where people are relocating to


The COVID-19 Pandemic has influenced Decisions to Move and Accelerated Existing Moving Patterns. According to United Van Lines here are the top 10 inbound states and top reasons for relocating during the pandemic.

Top 10 Inbound US States in 2020:

  1. Idaho

  2. South Carolina

  3. Oregon

  4. South Dakota

  5. Arizona

  6. North Carolina

  7. Tennessee

  8. Alabama

  9. Florida

  10. Arkansas

Top Reasons for Relocation:

  1. Family health and wellbeing (60%)

  2. Desire to be closer to family (59%)

  3. Change of employment (57%)

  4. Lifestyle change/improvement of quality of life (53%)

Arizona reasons for moving inbound:

  1. Retirement

  2. Job

  3. Family

  4. Lifestyle

  5. Health

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