Appliance Cleaning: Refrigerator


The refrigerator is one of the hardest working appliances in your home and it’s the one appliance that never gets a rest. It’s very important to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly

  1. Take everything out

  • Take everything out of the refrigerator and place them in an empty space so you can easily sort through it.

  1. Throw away any old, moldy, inedible or questionable food

  • Check expiration and “use by” date, and dispose of items you are unlikely to use

  1. Remove shelving and drawers

  • Clean them out by hand and wait to put back in refrigerator until it’s been cleaned out

  1. Wipe down interior of refrigerator with preferred cleaning solution

  • Avoid strongly scented soaps or cleaner, as food ma absorb the smell.

  1. Put everything back

  • Be sure to wipe down any containers before putting back into the refrigerator and double-check expiration dates on perishable items.

  1. Wipe down exterior, including front, back, sides and top

  • Pull the refrigerator forward to expose all sides and clean all surfaces with your preferred cleaner.