Appliance Cleaning: Oven


How often should you clean your oven? A general rule of thumb is to deep clean it every three months. Of course, general cleaning should be done after each use.

  1. First, you want to clean the grates

    • Remove all of the grates

    • Fill a large tub or bathtub with hot water and some all-purpose cleaner (let them soak, the longer the better)

    • Remove grates and scrub off residue

  1. Steam The Inside

    • Wipe or vacuum any loose debris once grates are removed

    • Put back bottom grate and place a large metal baking sheet or dish filled with water and a ½ cup of white vinegar

    • Heat over to 350 degrees and let the water bubble

    • Once bubbling, turn off over, carefully spray inner surfaces with a cleaner

    • Close the door and let sit for 30-45 minutes

    • Once cooled, wipe down

  1. Put everything back and enjoy a nice clean oven