Understanding the Tenant-Landlord Laws in Arizona


Arizona is a landlord-friendly state, which is good news when you want to invest in properties without worrying about rent control and other strict provisions found in other states.

There are laws that must be followed, however.

The Arizona rental laws that you need to know when you’re renting out property can be found in the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. This law pertains to standard rental housing (not mobile homes), and it references the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants.

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with the entire Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, you can download the full text of the law from the Arizona Department of Housing.


Are You Ready To Become a Mesa Landlord?

Are You Ready To Become a Mesa Landlord? - Article Banner

Real estate investing can be a huge financial opportunity, especially in a market like Mesa, where the demand for high-quality rental homes is high. Even owning one rental home is a lot of work, however, and before you dive into the process of leasing, managing, and maintaining both a property and a tenant, you need to ask yourself: are you ready to become a landlord?

It seems easy enough, right? You put your property on the market, you splash a few online ads across the internet, and then you choose a tenant and collect rent.

That describes some of the basics, but there’s a lot more to it. If you’re not prepared, you could find yourself losing money or landing in court.

To effect...

Steps for a Successful Move-Out Process

Steps for a Successful Move-Out Process - Article Banner

There are many reasons that a tenant may choose not to renew their lease agreement with you. Maybe they’re buying a home of their own or moving into a new city or state. They could need something larger or smaller than the home they’ve been renting from you.

Once you learn that your tenant will be moving out, you need to take a few steps that will ensure the move-out process is efficient, easy to manage, and successful for both you and your tenants. You want them to leave feeling like they had a good rental experience with you. And, you want to be able to rent your property to new tenants quickly. Both of those outcomes will require some cooperation from both you and your depart...

How to Build Better Relationships with Your Tenants

How to Build Better Relationships with Your Tenants - Article Banner

It’s hard to rent out a property without a willingness to invest in good relationships.

You need to have a positive, professional, and respectful relationship with your tenants. If you don’t, you can expect conflict and disputes throughout the tenancy. You’re more likely to lose that tenant at the end of the lease term, leaving you with turnover and vacancy costs.

Relationships are not always easy, especially in a business environment. But, that’s how you have to think of your rental property: as a business. And, that means your tenants are your customers. Good customer service requires an ability to establish and maintain good relationships.

Sometimes, it seems l...

5 Effortless Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property

5 Effortless Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property - Article Banner

Do looks matter?

When it comes to your Phoenix rental property, yes.

An attractive rental property is welcoming, inviting, and likely to get the attention of the best tenants. You’ll increase your rental value and decrease your vacancy time.

Curb appeal counts because it makes your first impression. When tenants scroll through your photos online, they’ll notice whether the outside of your property is attractive. When they arrive for their showing, the way your home makes them feel will impact whether or not they complete an application.

Leverage the power of that first impression by paying attention to your curb appeal.

If you’re not sure where to start, we have five e...

A Tenant Damaged My Property, Now What?


Property damage caused by tenants is something that nearly every rental property owner fears. In our experience as Phoenix property managers, tenant damage that goes beyond the security deposit is rare, especially if you’ve screened your tenants carefully, inspected the property regularly, and managed to maintain a good working relationship with your residents.

Excessive damage does occur, however, and you’ll need to know how to handle it.

These are the immediate steps to take if a tenant damages your property. After we discuss what you should do right now, we’ll take you through some preventative measures that can help you prevent this from ruining your rental experience...

How to Determine if a Rental Property Is a Good Investment

How to Determine if a Rental Property Is a Good Investment - Article Banner

Investing in real estate, as you likely know, is an excellent way to earn some short term rental income and long term returns. It can establish a financial foundation for you, diversify an investment portfolio that’s otherwise packed with stocks, bonds, and bitcoin, and provide an opportunity for you to build some real wealth.

Owning rental properties comes with a myriad of benefits.

But, to make any real money, you have to own the right rental properties.

How do you know what those are?

The right rental investment depends on where you are in your investment career, what you’re hoping to accomplish, and how much money you’ve budgeted for things like renovations, maintenance...

Renovations That Add Value to Your Rental Property

Renovations That Add Value to Your Rental Property - Article Banner

Rents in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and throughout the East Valley have been climbing pretty steadily over the last year, and there’s no indication that rental properties aren’t going to continue increasing in value.

While the market is helping you earn more on your investment property, what else can you be doing to ensure you’re maximizing what you earn in rent?

Renovations can help. We’re not talking about major rehab projects where you’ll add a bathroom or completely gut the kitchen. That type of investment is unlikely to pay for itself if your home is already in generally good condition and well-maintained.

Instead, consider making some strategic updates and ...

The Importance of Routine Home Maintenance

The Importance of Routine Home Maintenance - Article Banner

Protecting the condition of your home and the value of your property requires a schedule of routine home maintenance. This can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if you’re not comfortable making your own repairs and seeking out continuous improvements. It can also be expensive; even those small repairs seem to add up quickly.

Routine home maintenance is important, however, in avoiding bigger and more costly problems.

When you’re renting out a property, that routine maintenance is even more critical. Your tenants are expecting to live in a clean, well-maintained, and safe home. The value of your property depends on it remaining in good condition. You’ll have a hard time...

What Out-of-State Investors Should Consider When Adding a Property to Their Portfolio

What Out-of-State Investors Should Consider When Adding a Property to Their Portfolio - Article Banner

The rental market in Phoenix and throughout Arizona’s East Valley is attractive to investors who live elsewhere. If you’re an out-of-state investor who is thinking about adding a rental property to your portfolio, we want to help you prepare for that. From knowing the local real estate market to navigating the ever-shifting demands of local tenants, there’s a lot to think about.

Adding an out-of-state rental property to your investment portfolio can present some unexpected challenges and come with unique risks. But there are plenty of good reasons to do it. A non-local investment can actually strengthen your entire portfolio, allowing you to diversify and grow while providi...

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