Maintenance Tips: Water Main


Pipe burst? Water flooding? Here's a quick video on how to turn the water main off to your home.

Common House Fire Causes


A house fire is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Despite being brought up with knowledge of and tips about fire prevention, most house fires still start because of the smallest things. Here are some of the most common reasons for house fires, which can easily be avoided.

  • Cooking equipment (e.g., leaving pots or pans to overheat on the stove)

  • Candles (keep them away from curtains, tissue boxes, books, and other similar household items, always blow a candle out before leaving a room)

  • Barbeques (cook with them away from tablecloths, garbage or recycling bins, and plants or tree branches, Keep BBQs regularly maintained and cleaned with soapy water and clean any removable parts.)

  • Flammable liquids (keep things such as kerosene or petrol away from heat sources)

  • Curious children (if there are any open flames, make sure to keep them and matches or lighters out of reach of children, Teach kids understand the “stop, drop, cover and roll”” drill as well as knowing their address if they needed to call 911.)

  • Lighting (be sure to use safe bulbs and lampshades that don’t overheat, Check around the house to make sure. Lamp bases can become a hazard if they are able to be knocked over easily, and so should be removed if they are)

  • Electrical equipment (e.g., appliances that have frayed cords or are plugged into overloaded extension cords or wall outlets, double check the appliances and power points in your home.)

  • Christmas Tree Fires (cut off an inch or so from the bottom of the trunk, removing any dead wood that would prevent the tree from soaking up water)

While we can’t eliminate all potential causes of house fires these are some basics that are well worth keeping in mind.

Maintenance Tips: Toilet Overflowing


Toilet leaking or overflowing? Here's a quick video on how to turn the water off to to the toilet.

Maintaining a Rental: Tenants


Although Landlords can’t control how tenants live, they do have the right to expect the proper use of their properties.

Tenants are to maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary manner, including all equipment, appliances, furniture and furnishings therein. Some tenant responsibilities for care and maintenance of the premises, at their expense, include but are not limited to:

  1. Waste Disposal

  2. Replacing AC filters

  3. Replacing burnt out lights

  4. Pest Control

  5. Landscaping

  6. Mold Prevention

  7. Proper Appliance Use

  8. Smoke detector maintenance

  9. Changing out batteries in anything appurtenant to the premises (i.e. thermostat, garage door opener, smoke detector, etc).

  10. Reporting issues in a timely manner

When it comes to maintenance issues for tenants, it’s important to read and understand the lease before signing it. Read and understand your responsibilities as a tenant before signing.

Maintenance Tips: Smoke Alarms


Smoke alarms beeping? Here's a quick video on how to switch out the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Maintenance Tips: Irrigation


Make sure your sprinklers are set correctly for the different times of year. Here's a quick video about the time box.

Maintenance Tips: Breaker


Having electrical issues? Always check the breaker box to see if that fixes it. Here's a quick video on how to check your breaker box.

Maintenance Tip: Pool Skimmer


Be sure to be cleaning out your pool skimmer basket between services. Here' s a quick video on how to clean it out.

Maintenance Tips: Garbage Disposal


Having issues with your garbage disposal? Here's a quick video on how to reset your garbage disposal.

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