Arizona Trees


Why do trees fall and/or uproot during monsoons? Are there signs you should look for? What can you do differently?

The Palo Verde tree, one of the most commonly planted trees in residential areas is native to Arizona. So why are they uprooting during monsoons? Jessie Byrd with the Native Plant Nursery in Pima County says it’s mostly due to overwatering. Since Palo Verde trees are native to Arizona they are not meant to be watered as frequently as most people do. This makes the trees grow a lot faster, making the wood really weak.

Some other warning signs to look for that can help you catch damage before it happens.

  1. Hole in the trunk

  2. Cracks and/or mis...

Low Maintenance Landscape


In Arizona it’s important to have the right landscaping due the extreme climate and frequent droughts. Here are some common low maintenance Arizona plants to think about next time you are landscaping.


  • Palo Verde

  • Mesquite

  • Arizona Ash

  • Willow Acacia


  • Arizona Rosewood

  • Brittlebush

  • Black Dalea

  • Flame Honeysuckle

  • Langman’s Sage


  • Blackfoot Daisy

  • Hummingbird Trumpet

  • Mexican Hat


  • Blue Myrtle Cactus

  • Blue Yucca

  • Golden Barrel

  • Desert Spoon

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