Why a Move-In Property Condition Checklist Is Important


A move-in checklist is important for rental property owners. Not only does it document the condition of your property and help you prepare it for your tenant, it also sets a strong foundation for the move-out process a year or two years or five years from the move-in date.

Inspecting your property condition before a tenant moves in is critical to protecting your investment and holding tenants accountable for any damage during the lease period. A move-in checklist ensures everyone is on the same page in terms of the property’s condition. You’ll effectively and accurately document the condition of your rental home.

The type of move-in experience you provide will also impact your te...

How To Manage Your Mesa Property From Afar

How To Manage Your Mesa Property From Afar - Article Banner

Professional Mesa property management is something we recommend for all rental property owners and investors. It’s especially critical for out-of-state and non-local landlords. If you own a home here in the East Valley rental market but you don’t live nearby, you need a local expert to seamlessly handle the leasing, management, and maintenance of that home.

You need a reliable contact for tenants and a qualified team of professionals who stay up to date on the constantly shifting laws and requirements.

Maybe you live elsewhere but you’ve been thinking about buying property in Mesa. Now is a good time to do it. Interest rates won’t be low for long, and there are still...

Tips for First Time Single-Family Rental Investors

Tips for First Time Single-Family Rental Investors - Article Banner

Investing in single-family homes is always a good idea. They earn higher rents, attract more stable tenants, and appreciate faster than multi-family units. They make especially great investments for first time real estate investors.

Does that sound like you?

If so, you’re making a smart move. Investing in real estate can help you establish wealth and financial security. Single-family homes are found in a number of diverse neighborhoods throughout Phoenix, Mesa, and the East Valley.

Success requires some preparation and a lot of expert advice.

Every investor is different, and every investment property is different. People venturing into the real estate market for the first time need to e...

Is It Time To Switch Mesa Property Management Companies?

Is It Time To Switch Mesa Property Management Companies? - Artcile Banner

It can be difficult to recover from a bad experience with a Mesa property manager.

Switching from one Mesa property management company to another may seem risky. You have all of your investments and financial information tied up with the company you’re currently using, so it can seem like a hassle and a headache to change. Or, maybe working with your current property manager has left you completely disillusioned with the entire industry.

We understand. We also believe you deserve unparalleled service from a Mesa property manager. If you’re not getting the best leasing, management, and maintenance from your current manager, don’t wait too long to make the switch. You need an...

Best Practices for Tenant Screening in Phoenix

Best Practices for Tenant Screening in Phoenix - Article Banner

A lot of problems you may run into while renting out your Phoenix home can be avoided with a solid tenant screening process. The tenant you choose will directly impact whether you have a stressful tenancy, a relaxed tenancy, an expensive tenancy, or a profitable tenancy.

You want to work with tenants who are responsible, careful with your rental home, and easy to communicate with. You are looking for residents who pay rent on time, follow the lease terms, and stay in place for at least a few years.

Where do you find these tenants?

Phoenix is full of well-qualified renters. You just have to know how to screen the applications in a way that delivers the tenants who pose the least risk to your ...

Communication You Can Expect From a Mesa Property Manager

Communication You Can Expect From a Mesa Property Manager - Article Banner

One of the first things you’ll want to do with your Mesa property manager is establish some communication expectations. How often do you want to hear from your management company? What methods of communication make you feel the most comfortable? Maybe you like phone conversations or perhaps email messages work best.

Communication is too important to be left to chance. Any relationship benefits from good communication, and the relationship you have with your property manager is no different.

You should expect your management team to clearly explain their own policies to you. There should be no doubt in your mind how they will market your home, screen tenants, collect rent, and enforce...

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