Warm Weather Electrical Maintenance


Change AC Filters:

Change out your AC filters every 30 days; ensure they are installed correctly and are the correct size; cheap isn’t always best (take into consideration pets, amount of people, allergens, etc)

Clean out your dryer vent:

Unplug your dryer (if it’s gas, shut off the gas); pull unit out from the wall and disconnect the clamp from the hose; with a vacuum hose and dryer vent brush, clean out the opening of the dryer as high up as you can go; clean the hose in the same manner; clean out the lint trap with a toothbrush under hot, soapy water; be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly before putting back into dryer slot.

Clean Refrigerator Coils:

Pull fridge away from the wall and unplug; come refrigerators have the coils on the back, but most have them on the bottom of the fridge; use a refrigerator condenser coil brush (can be purchased for about $5)and a vacuum; don’t forget to plug your fridge back in when you’re done