Pool Safety


When it comes to pools, it’s all about safety first! Here are some common safety recommendations.

  • Never leave a child unattended in the pool or pool area.

  • Because flotation devices and swimming lessons are not substitutes for supervision, a child should always be watched when in or around the pool area.

  • CPR/CCR instructions and the 911 emergency number (or local emergency number) should be posted in the pool area.

  • A phone should be located in the pool area or easily accessible in case of an emergency.

  • All residential pool owners should attend water rescue and CPR/CCR classes. Lifesaving equipment should be easily accessible and stored n the pool area.

  • All gate locks and latches should be checked regularly to insure they are working properly.

  • A gate should never be left propped open.

  • All items that could be used to climb a pool barrier should be removed from around the barrier.

  • In an emergency:

    • Shout for help;

    • Pull the child from the water;

    • Call 911 (or local emergency number) for help; and

    • After checking the child's airway and breathing, immediately begin CPR/CCR if necessary.